GOGO Protocol
Introduction to GOGO Protocol
The GOGO Protocol is constructing the most user-friendly open source DeFi protocol for asset management and savings. We’re offering a frictionless user experience powered by awesome invisible tech that includes on-chain automation, simple one-click interactions for DeFi, and advanced security via NFT Smart Vaults.
In DeFi; asset management has become an important necessity (other than asset performance), with a focus on reliability, efficiency, and simplicity to understand how users’ assets are being managed, in a trustless setting.
Currently, holding assets, or optimizing yields on available opportunities requires a complex understanding of the underlying tech, along with other pain points including prohibitive high gas fees, compounded to x time as many assets that the users decide to invest in.
At GOGO Protocol we believe DeFi shouldn’t be such a steep learning curve that discriminates between users with technical knowledge and those who are not techies, or users with substantial experience in Crypto/DeFi derivative versus those who have discovered the space just recently, or the whale wallets and the average user.
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